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Murder is the fruit of aimless ambition.

"Who Killed The Fool?" is a tarot card murder mystery presented as a paper sample book with interactive pop-up folds.


As the reader progresses through the book, they encounter various tarot card personalities in an attempt to uncover who murdered The Fool card.



Design and produce an interactive paper booklet using folds and special dye cuts to elevate an innovative concept.


Graphically bold illustrations and pop-up folds maintain interest while still connecting to the tarot theme. A texturized brush effect and use of roughened paper further push the connection to these cards. Expressive typography conveys the personality of the card characters; excessive body copy is intentionally avoided.


Key to any printed work is the implementation of narrative. This motivates the reader to continue turning pages and unifies the work conceptually.


When writing each character's dialogue, I ensured that they provided a reason as for why the reader should investigate the following character. Without this storytelling structure, the book would feel flimsy.

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