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Embrace the power of one.

"Freebird" is a boutique hotel destination designed for solo travelers inspired by the Greek concept of "self-love".

The look of the hotel reflects this emphasis on travel, excitement, and individuality without compromising a luxury feel.



Brand a visual identity for a luxurious, unique hotel experience that extends from print books to packaging.


The central imagery of this visual identity became the hot air balloon, a symbol of elevation and personal freedom. This imagery is collaged with solo portraits, crosswalk patterns, and surrealist scenery united through a highly stylized color scheme designed to offer a modern and energetic atmosphere while keeping classy.


The spreads of the look book are the first impression of the identity.

From here, I extended the brand into various room items, all of which reflect the concept of independent travel: travel journals, a hot-air balloon candle holder, and a decorative alarm clock with coupons for 24/7 events.


Because the luxury rooms include fireplaces, I designed a how-to placard to guide guests through the process of safely using their fireplace, complete with a decorative wooden clog that I carved myself.

As an added gift, I created a hot-air balloon candle holder.


I then designed a series of room menus. As an extra element, I attached the international drink menu to a spinning globe.

To round out the complete identity, I ensured that the look book and its information was compatible in both desktop and tablet formats.

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