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Success is a slaughterhouse.

"Factory Farming & You" is an exhibition at the Museum of Sustainable Systems [MOSS] that exposes the negative impacts of mass poultry farming on our bodies and our shared environment.

The exhibition ironically portrays chickens as the most successful species on Earth due to their mass numbers, leveraging corporate imagery and jargon to construct the satirical argument that chickens take pride in their slaughter.



Assemble a cohesive visual identity that portrays a social issue in a completely unique and memorable way.


A world of business-chickens celebrating slaughter with humorously macabre copy alongside striking visuals and facts.
This juxtaposition fuels the memorability of the exhibit.


The internal walls of the exhibit reflects the same tone of the external advertisements.
A combination of type treatments lends a striking visual identity inspired by both vintage farming advertisements and the layouts of Time and People Magazine.


A gift mug doubles as a call-to-action, donating the revenue from each purchase to the "Fix the Factories" fund. When packaged, the mug handle doubles as the crown of the chicken, adding an extra element of clever physical interaction to the box.

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